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“Just wanted to quickly thank you personally for the wonderful poster design. It had exactly the kind of aesthetic I love and was looking for. Looking forward to working with you again in the future!” –TINA TAYLOR, THEATRE LUNATICO

“Jayme Catalano creates yet another powerful theatrical poster! So grateful to have your artistry and support in our community. I love this image! Thanks Jayme!!!” – MELANIE BANDERA-HESS, BIRDBATH THEATRES

“Working with Jayme has been a great pleasure for us, and a huge benefit to our gallery and the artists we represent. Thanks to this creative, professional, and talented woman, we have been able to expand our reach, both online and in person, to a broader audience.  Jayme has created a number of personalized networking, event planning, and media outreach campaigns that truly reflect the aesthetic of our gallery, as well as the message of our non-profit programming.  She developed a stronger web presence for our artists, and created PR material that is effective, unique, and engaging.  She approaches each new challenge with enthusiasm, creativity, and insight, and remains deeply committed and involved with every step of the process.  We can’t recommend her highly enough!” –SUSAN BOYLE, ART WITHOUT LABELS

“As Programs & Services Manager for Arts Council Napa Valley, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Jayme on several occasions. Her enthusiasm and expertise for arts marketing is outstanding” –CHRISTY BORS, ARTS COUNCIL NAPA VALLEY

“Thank you for creating a gorgeous website for my jewelry designs! I had dreaded even the thought of getting it started, and you made the whole process a fun and exciting experience. Your expertise in web design made my site shine as brilliantly as the gemstones in my collection. I’m ever so grateful for your beautiful work…thank you, thank you again!” HEIDI HODES, JEWELER

“I am proud to say that I was one of her first clients, and have enjoyed our partnership. I am an artist who needed direction and assistance in social media, marketing, and the basic business of creating a presence in the art world. Jayme is professional, forward thinking, responsive and enthusiastic. I am glad to have been able to work with her!” -C.A. TRACHOK, FINE ARTIST

“Excellence best describes the outstanding graphic design work by Jayme Catalano.” FLORA LYNN ISAACSON, THEATRE CRITIC

“HELL YEAH!  That is way bad-ass, Jayme!  It looks great!  LOVE it love it love it. Total badassery.” – MICHAEL BARR, THEATRE LUNATICO  

“Working with Jayme was a pleasure. She really took the time to figure out just what I wanted. I now have a logo and banner that reflect my business exactly as I imagined.” -SHERRI GALLAGHER, JEWELER

“One comment that I have heard from those who know me best is that this is so beautiful and it is so you. I’ve never heard this before. I have noticed since you did my branding (website and cards) I can’t wait to share them both as I am proud and feel I have so much to offer in the way of backup material.

You  are super talented and super real at the same time and as an artist of sorts this really puts me at ease. I feel you are not only working to highlight my talents with your own but you are including the divine as well as the irresistible. This is what matters, what sells, what feels good and what makes a difference on all levels. I applaud you for your individual talents and for your collaborative effort in taking a ‘solo-preneur’ (which is what I have been for the last eleven years) and making her multi-dimensional, multi-accessible, and multi-happy.” –ANNA WINGFIELD, AROMATHERAPIST AND FLOWER ESSENCE PRACTITIONER

“You are very talented women, and I will probably never recommend another graphic designer.” -JENNIFER COX, FOUNDER OF OLOR BEAUTY

“Holy moly, Jayme! These are astounding! Wow, my jaw dropped there. You’re a true artist!” -DONALD DUFFY III, FOUNDER  GUILLERMINAMOTTA.BLOGSPOT.COM